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We know how much your pet means to you, which is why we offer custom pet furniture as well!

We understand that some pet's may have a difficult time getting up and down off of the couch or bed, which is why we built custom pet stairs and ramps just for your fur baby!  Do you need a certain size?  No problem at all!  Just message us with the dimensions you need.  That is another great benefit of handcrafted custom furniture!

We also make Pet (fur baby) Feeding Bowls!!

**There are many benefits to having your fur babies food dishes elevated!! Its better for their neck muscles, it is said to help reduce the horrific condition bloat, it is more comfortable for them, it is better for their spines and much more!!!**

*Just like with people, dogs are all different sizes and we know that not every dog will fit into a small, medium, large or extra tall category, which makes each one special and unique in their own way! With that in mind, we ask for your dogs breed and approximate size, so that we can better make the custom feeder the right size for your fur baby!

Every pet feeder is completely sealed for added protection! That means we take the extra steps to add sealer on the top, underneath the top, the bowl areas and the entire frame! This allows for easy cleaning, water resistance and longevity of their new feeder!

Our pet feeders come with stainless steal bowls.

Do you have a certain color you would like to match your decor?  No problem!  Just send us a message with the color you would like and we will do that for you!


-Custom Pet Crates

-Custom Crate Tops (solid wood tops to put on top of crates to use as a table or storage)

-Cat Cubes

-Food Storage



And More!

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