About Us


We want to first thank you for visiting our page and we hope you find everything you are looking for with ease!  Here is a little about us!

We are James & Kelley, a husband & wife team, who both have a strong passion and love for building wood furniture.  James is an expert craftsman, who loves building furniture!  He loves when customer's send him new custom furniture idea's and he loves taken on challenges thrown his way!  Kelley is a people person and her favorite part is communicating and meeting our amazing customer's!  She is constantly keeping up with the newest trends and styles, so we can offer our customer's even more options!  Kelley also does the majority of the finishing work and she really enjoys it!  She makes her own custom blended stains and paint colors, too!  She has many years of experience with finishing wood furniture and her finishing process is very impressive.  Her attention to detail and eye for quality is what makes her finishing skills above most others!  James & Kelley both keep up with the newest research, skills and tools when it comes to wood and furniture making.  They combine "old school" methods that were taught to them by their parents and grandparents, while incorporating the newest techniques, research, skills, tools and knowledge that are offered today!  They strongly believe that everyday is an opportunity to learn something new and that is why they have such a true knowledge and skill set when it comes to custom wood furniture!

We started building handcrafted furniture because we quickly realized that particle board and other “fake” wood just did not last.  It definitely seemed cheaper at the time to buy the "fake" wood furniture, but we were completely wrong!  We have 4 young children and we felt like we were constantly replacing furniture, due to spills, stains, weakness, wobbling, breaking, etc. In turn, we spent more on the fake wood furniture over time than we would have if we went with wood furniture from the start!  Therefore, we decided to start building wood furniture because it is repairable, holds up very well to wear and tear, it’s extremely strong, looks beautiful, is natural and environmentally friendly, can be customized to your liking and is built to last!

We know that custom wood built furniture is new to many people and can be an investment, which is why we strongly encourage you to ask any and all questions you may have!  We are here to help!

Our family would like to thank you for supporting our small business and our love for building handcrafted custom furniture!