Delivery Instructions

Hand Delivery:

On your delivery day, we kindly ask that you make a large and clear path for your delivery personnel to bring your furniture into your home.  Please remove all debris from floors to prevent any falls from occurring.  Although we love fur babies, we understand that they do not always like "strangers" in their home, so we kindly ask that all pets be on a leash, kennel or in another room and away from all delivery persons.  We take proper COVID 19 precautions and we kindly ask that if you are not feeling well to please inform us right away.  An adult (18 years and older) must be home to accept the furniture, upon delivery.  A release will need to be signed that states the furniture was delivery and accepted.  Lastly, we kindly ask that someone is home that can assist the delivery person with bringing in your new furniture.  Wood furniture is heavy and sometimes very large, which is why assistance with unloading and carrying into your location is necessary at times.  We do our best to have two delivery personnel, but that is not always feasible.  We thank you for your understanding and help!  If you have any questions about delivery, please do not hesitate to contact us!

3rd Party Shippers:

If your furniture is being delivered by a 3rd party carrier, we will request that they help you bring your furniture into your home and up 1 flight of stairs only.  We will also request that the carrier help with assembly.  These requests are sometimes not always granted.  You must be home at the time of delivery.  If you are not home at the time of delivery, the carrier will leave your furniture near your front door and it will then need to be brought inside and assembled by you, the customer.  Please unwrap your new furniture in front of the carrier and inspect it thoroughly.  If there is any damage whatsoever you need to contact us immediately and let the carrier know that there is damage.  The carrier will also have a BOL (Bill of Lading) that will be signed by us when your furniture is picked up.  It is imperative that the damage(s) is documented on the BOL and then signed by both you and the carrier.  Please retain the customers BOL copy.  The carrier will have his own BOL that we give to him. Pictures and videos also need to be taken right away of any damage and sent to us immediately.  If you do not contact us immediately about any damage, then we cannot file an insurance claim for your furniture being damaged in transit and we cannot issue any refund whatsoever or repair the furniture.

Shipping: (Also known as Flat Packed)

Furniture that is shipped will be delivered via USPS, UPS or FED EX.  This process is basically the same as with any other package shipped by the above companies.  Your furniture will be delivered and you will need to inspect the items for any damage.  Any damage occurred in transit needs to be reported right away to the carrier and to us.  Every flat packed item has a signature confirmation, so we ask that before you sign for the package, you thoroughly inspect the items for any damage.  Remember that the damage must be reported immediately at the time the item is delivered.  A person 18 years of age or older will have to sign for the package.  Once the package is signed and accepted, then no insurance claims for damage will be made.  Therefore, only have a trusted adult sign for the packages after they have thoroughly inspected the items for damage.  We do know the date and time that each piece of furniture was delivered.  Pictures and videos of the boxes (all sides), the packaging  (all sides), the damage to the furniture and the entire furniture item will need to be taken and sent to us immediately.  There are no exceptions for the time frame.  In order for us to file an insurance claim, the above needs to be done immediately and precisely.  If the above is not done properly or within the time frame given, then we cannot file a claim, which means we cannot issue a refund or repair the damaged furniture.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us!