ECO-Friendly & Allergen Sensitivity Products!!!

*Do you like to use products that are not harmful to our environment? 

*Do you have allergies or are sensitive to chemicals? 

*Are you concerned about your health and the health of others? 

No Worries!  This is why we offer an Eco Friendly & Allergen Sensitive Finish option!

We feel that if you are having custom furniture made, then you should also be able to have a finish that you feel comfortable and proud of! 

We offer Tried and True Environmental Wood Finish Products that you can choose when having your custom furniture built!

 Benefits of this finish:

-No VOC's!

-100% Renewable ingredients!

-Made from all natural ingredients- Tree's, Bee's and Seed's!

-No petroleum solvent thinners!

-No metallic driers!

-No solvents added!

-Safe for kids and pets!

-Safe for skin and food contact!

-Made in America!