**Budget Options!** Exclusively Ours!!!

 Budget Options!  As far as we know, we are the only handcrafted furniture business to offer budget friendly options!!!  We realize that their are a lot of people who want to have handcrafted custom furniture, yet the prices can be out of their budget.  We want to give people budget options, so that more people can own custom wood furniture!  Here is how it works:  All furniture prices are for Option A "True Character."  If you would like to upgrade to Option B "The Works" you can add it to the cart, prior to check out.  

*Please note that both options are built with the exact same amount of structural support, strength, durability and longevity.  The same high quality products are used for both options.  The difference between the two options is the overall appearance of the finished furniture.  Both options are beautiful!!!!    

***"Option A- " True Character" is the option that is more budget friendly.  This option is built the same as Option A, but the wood is not milled and the finishing process is still beautiful but it will show more imperfections of the natural wood that we consider to be beauty and character.  This option is what you will see a lot of wood furniture builders doing.  There is absolutely no difference in the structure, durability, longevity or overall quality between the two options.  However, Option B is cheaper because their is less time and materials involved, which reduces the amount of labor hours.  The same products are used for both Option A and Option B.  Both options are beautiful!!! 

***Option B-"The Works" is the option that is more expensive because every piece of wood is milled to obtain a more sleek, straighter and dimensional appearance.  This process alone takes many hours, depending on the piece but looks absolutely gorgeous!  The finishing process requires a lot more time, too!  This is where more time wood filling, sanding, wood filling again, sanding again and repeating the process over and over, until a sleek and almost flawless look is achieved.  This option will give you crisp clean lines, sleek and almost flawless look!  Option A requires a lot more time, labor and detail, which is why it is priced higher.  This option is +$500 and you can add this option to your cart.

Fun Fact:  Kelley is a perfectionist and loves clean, sharp lines!  James loves seeing the beautiful natural characteristics shown in handcrafted wood furniture!