Handcrafted Wood Furniture Appearance Standard

Handcrafted furniture means that the furniture is built by hand and not mass produced by machines.  We use natural wood!  Each piece of wood is different from one another and each piece has its own unique grain pattern and characteristics!  Therefore, no two pieces of handcrafted wood furniture will be the same. Your new furniture will resemble the reference furniture picture but will be unique to itself.  Since, we use wood and everything is hand built, there will be small knots, dents, indents, splits and other imperfections that we consider to be beauty and character!  Please know that these characteristics of natural wood are the standard and are not considered to be defects whatsoever! Both budget options will show the natural characteristics of the wood; however, there will be a lot less shown in Option B, due to the added amount of time, labor & materials used for the finishing process.  We truly feel that handcrafted wood furniture is absolutely gorgeous and in our opinions it is the best option for your furniture needs and wants!!!