Why You Should Choose Us!

We know that there are several different handcrafted furniture maker's to select from, so you might be asking yourself, "Why Should I Choose Handcrafted Custom Furniture, LLC?"  We have listed a few reasons why we feel you should choose us to build your new custom furniture!

1) We are a small family run business!  We take great pride in our work and have a true love and passion for building wood furniture!  You will not be on hold waiting to speak to someone.  You will not be looked at as just another order.  You will be treated with respect and kindness.  You will have your questions and concerns answered in detail and with compassion.  Your opinions & order's matter greatly to us!  No question is too small to ask!  We are also a registered small business!

2) We believe quality overrides quantity!  Sure, we could make more profits by      producing products faster, but that would mean that the quality aspect would lack and we are not okay with that at all!  Handcrafted furniture is an investment that each of our customer's make; therefore, we use quality products from start to finish!  We take our time with each and every piece of furniture we make and finish; to ensure that our customer's are receiving high quality, heirloom furniture that can be passed on from generation to generation.  We constantly say, "You cannot rush quality work!"  It's 100% true and we have a long checklist we implement from the building process to the finishing process.  Our building process is stringent and our finishing process is very detailed!  If you are looking for quality handcrafted furniture, then look no further!

3)  Excellence in Customer Service!  We strive for excellence in all that we do; however, providing excellent customer service is extremely important to us!  Some may ask why we concentrate so heavily on customer service.  The answer is pretty simple!  We do not view customer's as just another order.  We actually enjoy getting to know them, their wants, their needs and we have formed long lasting friendships with a lot of our customer's.  We know that wood furniture is an investment and it can be scary to order furniture online without actually seeing it in person, which is why we are always available to answer any and all questions you may have!  We are here to help!  We believe that everyone should live an honest and kind life!

4) Options!  Unlike others, we offer a large amount of custom options to choose from!  Custom furniture should be customized, based on the customer's wants and needs right?  Yes!  Therefore, we offer 40+ stain color options, multiple finish options, different finish sheen's, a variety of hardware options and over 1,000 paint color options!  This is YOUR custom desk and we believe that YOU should be given a large amount of options to customize your furniture just the way you like!

5) Woman Owned!!  Handcrafted Custom Furniture, LLC is woman owned, but to be fair James does the majority of the building, heavy lifting and deliveries.

6) Products!  We hand select every piece of wood we have!  Yes, it can be a time consuming process, but it is extremely important!  We use high quality oil based stains!  We offer durable finish options! We use actual furniture paint that has a strong enamel and is fade and scratch resistant!  This makes a huge difference!  Latex paint might be ok for walls but in our opinion it is not good for wood furniture at all!  Latex is not very durable and can peel very easily!  The furniture paint we use is also easy to clean, which is very convenient!  We use heavy duty, ball bearing full extension drawer slides.  This allows you to have access to your entire drawer!  We also offer soft closing drawers!  The hardware we offer is of high quality, too!  We never use plastic hardware!  Choosing high quality products results in a much better product!

7) Environmental & Non Toxic Stain & Finish Options!  We also give the option to choose from environmental friendly stains and finishes that are non toxic, solvent free, have no VOC's, are food safe and durable!  

8) Budget Options!  As far as we know, we are the only handcrafted furniture business to offer budget friendly options!!!  We realize that a lot of people want to have solid wood custom furniture, yet the prices can be out of their budget.  We want to give our customer's budget options, so that more people can have custom solid wood furniture!  Here is how it works:  You will see two different prices for the same style furniture. 

***"Option A- " True Character" is the option that is more budget friendly.  This option is built the same as Option A, but the wood is not milled and the finishing process is still beautiful but it will show more imperfections of the natural wood that we consider to be beauty and character.  This option is what you will see a lot of wood furniture builders doing.  There is absolutely no difference in the structure, durability, longevity or overall quality between the two options.  However, Option B is cheaper because their is less time and materials involved, which reduces the amount of labor hours.  The same products are used for both Option A and Option B.  Both options are beautiful!!! 

***Option B-"The Works" is the option that is more expensive because every piece of wood is milled to obtain a more sleek, straighter and dimensional appearance.  This process alone takes many hours, depending on the piece but looks absolutely gorgeous!  The finishing process requires a lot more time, too!  This is where more time wood filling, sanding, wood filling again, sanding again and repeating the process over and over, until a sleek and almost flawless look is achieved.  This option will give you crisp clean lines, sleek and almost flawless look!  Option A requires a lot more time, labor and detail, which is why it is priced higher.  This option is +$500

Fun Fact:  Kelley is a perfectionist and loves clean, sharp lines!  James loves seeing the beautiful natural characteristics shown in handcrafted wood furniture, which is where each option got its name!

7) Reviews!  We know it is difficult to sometimes believe businesses because you do not personally know them yet, which is why we ask that you please look at our reviews and see what other's are saying about our work and us!

These are just some of the reason's why we feel you should choose us!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!  We are here to help!