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What are built in grommets? 

Grommets come in many different styles and have different functions.  There are wire grommets, power supply grommets, USB charging grommets and Ethernet grommets.  Grommets help to keep your desk or table organized and free from wires spreading all over your desk.  They also are very convenient because you can plug your lamps, computers, clocks, etc. right into the desk, instead of having to read around and plug them into the wall!  Grommets are wonderful and come in many different styles!

When selecting a grommet, please look at the pictures and take note of the number that is located on each picture.  If you see the grommets you would like, then please select the same number on the drop down menu that is on the picture(s) of the grommets you would like.  

If you do not see any that you love, no worries at all just send us a message and we will discuss getting you the perfect grommet that fits your style and needs!