Protective Coats-Final Coats

Protective Coats-Final Coats

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We offer several different protective coat options.

Polycrylic: This is our go to because it is very durable and water based, which means that it is a clear finish option that will not yellow over time like some other options do.  

Polyurethane: It has been around for years and years and has been proven to be a great finish option.  Poly is an oil based finish that is very strong and durable.  It does have an amber color to it and does yellow some overtime.  We do not recommend using polyurethane on lighter colors because it will show the amber/yellow color.  

Shellac: Shellac is used on many different surfaces and has been used for years!  It is a non-toxic wood finish that enhances the beauty of the natural wood and protects the furniture. It is not the strongest finish but it does offer natural & safe protection.  Fun fact: Shellac is made from beetle secretions.

Lacquer: It is a very durable finish option.  It has also been around for many years!  This finish option is best on darker wood and darker stained wood because it does have an amber/yellow tone to it.

Epoxy: It is one of the strongest finishes and is used for table tops, bars, epoxy-resin furniture pieces, art, ect.  It is one of the more expensive finish options but the beauty strength and beauty of epoxy is hard to beat!  

Wax & Oil Finishes: These finishes do not provide as much protection as other options but they are usually non-toxic and eco- friendly.  They come in a variety of colors and are usually in a matte finish.  They have been used for many years and is one of the easiest finish options to apply.  

Food Grade Finish:  We use high quality food grade finishes on all wood that any food may touch.  For example: Counter tops, Butcher Block Islands and Counters, Charcuterie  Boards, Cutting Boards, ect.  

Eco Friendly/ All Natural/ Safe/Non-Toxic Finishes:  These finishes are perfect for those that are more environmentally friendly, have allergies or are sensitive to other finishes and for those that prefer a more organic finish.   Our preferred brand is Tried and True.  Take a look why we love their products below!

"Tried & True Wood Finish is an all natural, hand rubbed wood finish designed to beautify and protect all types of interior wood working. They do not use any heavy metal driers or solvents. Tried & True Wood Finishes highlight the grains of the wood while adding durable protection that lasts for years.  Tried & True wood finishes are based in a polymerized linseed oil system. Polymerization is a naturally occurring drying process where the oil solidifies and bonds with a wooden surface. Tried & True wood finishes are composed of 100% renewable ingredients coming from trees, bees and seeds! There are no petroleum solvent thinners and no metallic driers in Tried & True wood finishes. Solvents tend to make oil-based finishes dry from the outside in, leaving a gummy undersurface. Since there are no solvents added, Tried & True finishes are 100% solids compared to industry standard of 25%. This increases the coverage rate of our products and makes them more economical to use!"


Finish Sheens:

Some of the finish options offer different sheen's you can choose.

Matte: Has the least amount of shine.  This option is great for hiding fingerprints, scratches, smudges, etc.  

Satin:  This is the most popular sheen for interior furniture.  This option has just the right amount of shine.  This option is also great at hiding fingerprints, scratches and smudges.

Gloss: This option has a lot of shine!  I like to describe it as the furniture looking like it has glass on top or appears to be wet because the shine is so pretty!  This option is seen on bar tops, restaurant tables, executive desks, etc.  This option does require more diligence and cleaning because it will show fingerprints and imperfections more.  

*If you need any assistance choosing the finish option or sheen options, please do not hesitate to message, text or call us!  We are here to help!

*Polycrylic is our standard finish option; however, we offer all of the above.  There may be an up charge, depending on the finish option you choose.  Please message us with the finish option you  prefer.